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Costs of Massage Therapy Schools


The costs of massage therapy schools generally speaking is between: $16,00 – $25,000, with the Average being approximately $19,000.

Tuition amounts for all schools in Ontario can be found by Visiting this link: COST OF MASSAGE THERAPY SCHOOLS .

Massage therapy school programs focus on both theoretical knowledge and practical training. Successfully meeting the requirements at any approved schools will allow you to write your board exams through the CMTO.

Schools will vary on how well they prepare you for these exams. Be sure to ask the schools exam pass rate. Another question to ask is how many students who start on the first day of class will still be sticking around and graduating on the last day. Schools will vary on how focused they are on massage and how dedicated and focused their instructors are. Many Private College specialize in massage therapy. The Canadian College of Health Science & Technology is an excellent example of this.

It is important not to make decisions based on all the costs of massage therapy schools. In the long run it is important you have the school that feels best for you and provides the best training. Call local massage therapist and visit all options to find out what is the best fit for you.





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