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Cost of Becoming A Massage Therapist


What is the Cost of Becoming a Massage Therapist in Southwestern


What is the initial registration fee and how long is it good for? The cost of becoming a massage therapist in Ontario will be approximately the same regardless of where you attend post-secondary school. Below outlines the various cost you will come across on your journey to become a massage therapist.

Massage School Cost: Once the certification examinations have been passed the candidate will be sent a letter stating that they are eligible to apply for registration and the amount of the fees required. The initial registration fee is a prorated amount which is determined by the month the candidate becomes eligible to register (not by the month you actually register).

Please note that there is an application fee which must be paid, which is a one-time administrative fee for new registrants of the College.

The initial registration fee will be valid until December 31st of the year in which someone has registered. Registrants will have to file a completed renewal form and pay the required fee to renew your registration for the following year by November 1st or the registrant will be charged a late fee.

New registrants who will not be residing and practicing in Ontario may wish to register with an Inactive Certificate. Registrants cannot hold an Inactive Certificate until they have first held a General Certificate. This means that the candidate’s initial registration with the College must be for a General Certificate even if they intend to immediately change to an Inactive Certificate

For more information on cost of becoming a massage therapist contact the school you are interested in attending and the regulatory board in your province. In Ontario that is the CMTO.

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